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Compare DUI Class Prices

Online DUI classes in Nevada are expensive and vary greatly in price. Below 123 DUI Online has compiled the prices of other DUI schools to show how expensive classes can be for the equivalent course required by Nevada courts. Some schools may only charge a small fee, but price gouge on smaller features such as downloadable certificates, same day completion proof mailing and Victim Impact Panels, which can run offenders upwards of $300.

123 DUI Online charges a flat fee of $95. This includes an instant certificate of DUI class completion, a free victim impact panel and customer support 7 days a week. This course is licensed by the DMV, all Nevada courts accept our certificate and any issues with the court will give a 100% refund guaranteed.

This DUI course is mobile friendly and provided in 12 unique sections, allowing the class to be taken at the students own pace. With only 8 hours needed to earn a certificate, 123 DUI Online may be finished within 1 day and have proof of completion provided to the court of jurisdiction provided immediately.

 My DUI Class – $129

LRS Systems – $225 + $50 VIP

Go To DUI School $129 + $50 VIP

AAA Easy DUI Class – $125


All American Driving School – $150

Academy of Human Development – $200

123 DUI Online provides DMV licensed drunk driving classes accepted by all Nevada courts

For any questions regarding level 1 DUI school, call 775-276-3909 We understand that DUIs are financially tolling. For comparing different course prices, a $5 off discount is provided for the course below. Enter the coupon code “DUI2018” and begin your course immediately