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At 123 DUI Online, enrich your education through our curriculum covering a wide variety of drug & alcohol content over a 12 module course. With a focusing on the effects of drunk driving, students learn over throughout the sections unique information such as the effect of alcohol on an average individual’s ability to drive at the molecular scale and the science of addiction through the lens of mental illness with treatment resources and many other lessons to help prevent possible recidivism of an alcohol related arrest.

 Created for you to enjoy at your own pace, on your own schedule.Take 15 minutes at a time or take your program in one session. A Free $50 DUI Victim Impact Panel is included in the course, accepted statewide in Nevada.

Immediately access your Court Approved Completion of DUI School Certificate to print or digitally save upon finishing your Alcohol Awareness Course. Use our free faxing service to send your documentation to NV Courts, the DMV & DUI attorneys with the click of a button.


Online Nevada DUI Class Product Description

Level 1 DUI Class Information

123 DUI Online provides an affordable DMV licensed, Nevada Court approved drunk driving class that is iOS & Android accessible, with drug and alcohol topics taught in a 12 module course focusing on the effects of drunk driving. Additional topics as police spotting drunk drivers, the statistical dangers of inebriated driving with a full addiction treatment resources guide included in your course.

Your DUI course has thorough sources, videos, and interactive content, allowing you to take your DUI education at your own pace. 123 DUI Online is available 100% online – you’ll always have a cheap and easy DUI school near your anywhere in Nevada

Our First Offense Drunk Driving Class is required for defendants convicted by a Nevada Courthouse to attend a required education course. We include a free Victim Impact Panel & your printable certificate available for download immediately upon completion at no addition cost. Use our no cost faxing service to send the alcohol class document to your lawyer or your Nevada Court as soon as you complete the online class right on your phone or computer.

Your NV DMV licensed and Court approved drunk driving class is available on desktop computers and supported on all mobile devices such as Android and Apple phones/tablets.

Take 123 DUI Online at your own pace. Your DUI class includes 12 unique sections with videos, graphics and text for easy learning. Seamless connection between multiple devices allows you to start on a computer. You can switch to a mobile device and never lose your place.  There will be a short a quiz for each section. After finishing you’ll pass a final exam with a 70% and unlimited retakes.

You cannot fail your DUI class!

Your printable certificate is always available after completion. After completion, your document will display a Victim Impact Panel completion

Your online DUI School is accepted by all Nevada Courts due to our DMV Instruction License as a standard Level 1 DUI sentence requirement.

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