Victim Impact Panel


Nevada Online Victim Impact Panel is a program that can be taken from any device.

Filmed before a live Nevada Court audience, our Victim Impact Panel class is a flat fee of $50 or included free of charge with our Level 1 Online DUI School. VIP classes are accepted for all Nevada cities such as Reno and Las VegasTake this VIP course on any mobile or data connected device from a cell phone to a laptop. With our course software, your time spent in the class is verified automatically.

We cannot guarantee our victim impact class be accepted out of state from Nevada without prior Court approval in their jurisdiction, but we always offer 100% refunds, no questions asked and communicate with student lawyers on a regular basis. Feel free to use our free online faxing service on our site to send any important documentation to your court or lawyer.

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Nevada Victim Impact Panel Product Description Photo of a VIP Class

123 DUI Online offers an online Victim Impact Panel for 1st offense DUI defendants accepted by all Nevada Courts, including Las Vegas and Reno, and the DMV. This interactive and recorded V.I.P. is available to all students who are unable to attended an in-person session due to job constraints, finances, health issues or even distance with new and moving NV residents.

This class is accessible 24/7 from any smartphone, tablet or computer, with our proprietary course software tracking the total time spent in the course, displayed automatically on the certificate of completion. A small quiz is taken at the end, along with student verification to adhere to the highest legal standards required by both The DMV and Nevada Courts across the state.

We offer 100% refund guaranteed. This course is accepted for multiple residents in other states who’s courts have allowed them to take a Victim Impact Panel of their choosing. Email, Phone and Text support available during normal business hours 8am-8pm PST.

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