123 DUI Online’s Frequently Asked Questions For DUI Class

How Long Is A Nevada DUI Class?

Nevada level 1 DUI schools are 8 hours as required by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in which each minute of attendance is accounted for.

How Much Does Nevada DUI School Cost?

123 DUI Online’s 8 hour Nevada DUI Class cost $99, however other classes can range from $95 to over $225 depending on the DUI School that offers the class. Level 2 DUI Classes in Nevada Can Cost Up to $500.

What Is A Victim Impact Panel?

A VIP or Victim Impact Panel is a mandatory education session that convicted DUI students attend. The VIP demonstrates the horrors and loss that drunk driving and alcohol abuse can cause. It is usually required to be taken in person, but for out of state DUI defendants, a Judge may allow an online version.

When Will I Get My DUI School Certificate?

Certificates of completion are available immediately upon completion of the course for download and printing. We also mail you, your attorney and the court a hard copy free of charge.

Do I Have To Do DUI Class All At Once?

You don’t have to take a DUI class in one session. A DUI course is divided into multiple sections, that can be taken at your own pace.

Is Online DUI School Accepted In Nevada?

Yes. 123 DUI Online is court approved and licensed state wide by the Nevada DMV. Unless explicitly forbidden by your judge from taking an online DUI school, this course will be accepted by any court in Nevada.

What Happens If You Don’t Do Your DUI Class?

If a court orders you to attend a DUI School and you fail to complete the DUI Education or provide proof of completion within the allotted time given by your Judge a warrant will be issued in your name for failure to comply with Court Orders, which can result in a law enforcement officer arresting you at any given time.

Does Online DUI School Work On Any Device?

Yes. 123 DUI Online’s DUI Class is available to take on any Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.


Learn More About DUI School

123 DUI Online is a Nevada Court Licensed  8 hour course for Level 1 first offense DUI’s.  Our course meets all Nevada court requirements, includes a free Victim Impact Panel, Instant Certificate of Completion and a mobile friendly site, allowing you to take the course anywhere at any time.