Autonomous Vehicles Will Bankrupt Courts Over The Next Decade And There’s No Plan In Place to Prevent It

Autonomous Vehicles Are Bankrupting Courts Over The Next Decade And There's No Plan In Place to Prevent It Nevada and the rest of the country is facing a problem in the next decade. With the ubiquity of self-driving vehicles and the Country's reliance on funding Government Institutions such as Courts and Police Depts. with an overabundance of traffic tickets and Court fines stemming from DUIs and moving violations there is a crossroads coming fast in the 2030’s that could lead to the bankruptcy of fundamental organizations, a portion of whom factor nearly 50% these fee's into their budget Today, an average of these current charges account for 21.1% of state/local own source general revenues—eclipsing the income taxes (18.6%), nearly on par with the property tax (21.2%) and closing in on the sales and gross receipts category (23.6%).  However some town's reliance upon Court Fines and [...]

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Autonomous Vehicles and Drunk Driving

Nowadays everyone has been giving a lot of attention to one main factor in day to day life.  How are we going to make the roads safer? Companies such as Tesla, Google and BMW are producing autonomous cars that will require little to no supervision from the person sitting in the drivers seat.  These companies are focusing on creating a vehicle that will reduce the amount of traffic accidents and DUI arrests. Right now, there are approximately 30 companies developing, manufacturing, and releasing autonomous cars as you read this article!   These cars are street legal and being tested in Nevada, California, and Florida at this time. We already know of some big names that are producing these kind of vehicles. Tesla has 3 models that have the autonomous capabilities which are Model S, Model 3, and Model X.  Mercedes has the Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury.  Google is also another leader [...]

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