Nevada DUI BillBoard for Lyft to Prevent Drunk Driving

For the fifth annual year Lyft CEO John Zimmer has donated $10,000 to MADD on NYE’s in their partnership to help end drunk driving. With autonomous driving and ride share services, that reality may come true within the coming decade. John has been leading the charge for his 7th year driving on New Years Eve with a special co-pilot – His Mom – but began bringing awareness to the organization in 2014 by allowing Lyft users to donate $1 to MADD for posting an anti drunk driving pledge on their social media in their campaign against DUIs with a $10,000 donation to MADD in the hopes of saving at least one of the 70 lives that are taken annually by to DUI’s on NYE.

John Zimmer preventing DUIs on NYE by driving customers

Lyft CEO John Zimmer

in Nevada Lyft helps prevent DUIs

This New Year’s Eve, we’re partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to make getting a safe ride easier than ever.

The holidays are a time to enjoy with friends and family, but they can also be one of the most dangerous times of the year for drunk driving accidents. That’s why we’re mobilizing our driver community to get out on the road and provide rides to those who need them. We’re also asking you to commit to getting home safe — whether you request a Lyft, hop on public transit, or designate a sober driver — and encourage others to do the same. For everyone who pledges to help keep the streets safe this year, we’ll donate $1 to MADD* to support their important mission to end drunk driving.

Sweeney Merrigan Law prevents Drunk Driving with $15 ride credit

Other cities partnered with additional local charities on NYE, with Boston Lyft users receiving a $15 ride credits sponsored by Sweeney Merrigan Law llp or Cleaveland’s Police Dept. providing free rides through all of New Years Eve with a $10,000 donation to help prevent DUI’s, with the most recent statistics showing over 10,000 deaths as the direct result of drunk driving.

As a Nevada DUI School, we attempt to be the first line of defense in the rehabilitation of convicted drunk drivers. We work extensively with the local charities and the organizations listed above by offering MADD’s NV Victim Impact Panel as part of our DUI Class curriculum for free and provide as much contact information as possible to AA groups in Nevada for any student looking to put down the bottle for good or just take a Lyft home.

round up and donate to help prevent DUIs in Nevada

Lyft has had a long history of charity and donation, with their first charity partnership with Round Up & Donate

We’re excited to share that our first partner is the USO, chosen in honor of Military Appreciation Month, the 10% of Lyft drivers who are veterans, and the 26% of drivers who have a family member who’s served or is currently serving in the military. For over 75 years, the USO has helped strengthen and support our service members both at home and abroad.

Lyft and Uber provide a valuable service to communities around the globe. While their may be growing pains for any organization as large as these companies, the fact Uber was able to statistically document a 10% decrease in DUIs in the cities they operate in shows a resounding need to organize ride-sharing technology as one of the leading transportation option to help prevent crime, health risks and deaths due to driving drunk, as well as reducing living expenses in cities where lack of public transport dictates a need for a vehicle. It’s a brighter future this coming year and it’s not just from the lights still hanging up from NYE!