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1906, 2016

DUI Class Laws and Drunk Driving Checkpoints

June 19th, 2016|DUI School Blog|

Most drivers know that it is illegal to have an open container of alcohol within the cabin of the car.  If you are cited for having an open container in your car, your fine will be in excess of $300, will add five points Junior DMV driving record and require offenders to attend an online DUI school. Nevada is one of the 9 states in the USA that allow […]

1406, 2016

The Facts of Drunk Driving & DUI Class

June 14th, 2016|DUI, DUI School Blog|

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that drinking any alcohol and driving 4000 pounds of car can cost you a life… yours or someone else. The downside to easily killing someone is the loss of your freedom, your current and future bank account and a great deal of time in court, jail, and classes. The more frequently you drink and drive, the greater the probability that you will eventually be arrested […]

1705, 2016

Alcohol, Drugs & Drunk Driving – How substance use causes DUIs

May 17th, 2016|DUI School Blog|

Drugs and Alcohol are the causes of driving drunk. DUI convictions happen every day due to impared driving. 123 DUI Online investigates the science behind intoxication of various substance and driving with any in your system eventually leads to signing up for an online DUI school. Cannabis or marijuana is a controlled substance and is estimated to be involved in 20% of all fatal crashes.  Just […]

1105, 2016

Insurance & DUIs in Nevada

May 11th, 2016|DUI School Blog|

Why Is Auto Insurance Required By Nevada Law?

Auto Insurance is NOT optional in Nevada. If you drive a vehicle on Nevada roads, it MUST be insured. Another reality… auto insurance is expensive.  If you own a vehicle, but it is stored and have no intention of driving it, you must turn in the vehicle’s license plate to the NV DMV. Nevada requires that automobile liability insurance policies carry […]

605, 2016

The Facts & Cost of a DUI In Nevada

May 6th, 2016|DUI School Blog|

Lets begin with the big picture:

DUI Arrest Checkpoint

A DUI conviction will also hammer your wallet HARD at […]

105, 2016

Autonomous Vehicles and Drunk Driving

May 1st, 2016|Autonomous Vehicles, DUI School Blog|

Nowadays everyone has been giving a lot of attention to one main factor in day to day life.  How are we going to make the roads safer?

Companies such as Tesla, Google and BMW are producing autonomous cars that will require little to no supervision from the person sitting in the drivers seat.  These companies are focusing on creating a vehicle that will reduce the amount of traffic accidents and DUI arrests.

Right now, there […]